Resilience Adventures Youth


Resilience Paddle Sports is a mission-driven business launched in 2013 to build a healthier, eco-conscious community in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. In conjunction, Resilience Adventures, is a 501c3 non-profit developed shortly after as a resource to connect urban youth to the Hudson River, encourage a healthy, active outdoor lifestyle and promote stewardship of the estuary as well as interest in STEM. Resilience continues to provide easily accessible, daily paddling opportunities for adults while educating the community about the ecology of the Hudson River Estuary. For youth, Resilience offers a variety of programs where students have fun, collaborate with peers, learn kayak and paddleboard skills while discovering the estuary through hands-on activities.


At Resilience, we believe that outdoor activities are empowering and can be used to build personal resilience as well as a connection to the natural world.  We specialize in creating outdoor programming to meet the needs of urban populations. We also believe that waterways, even in cities, belong to all people. We are committed to providing equal access to outdoor recreation and promoting the conservation of urban waterways.

We also believe that paddling on the river and in the harbor can lead to a better understanding of coastal ecosystems and a stronger commitment to stewardship. Increased recreational use of the Hudson River Estuary (HRE) can also help build support for green infrastructure projects that can improve public access as well as water quality, thereby enhancing ecosystem services and maintaining the waterway as a legacy for future generations. 

Additionally, research indicates that place-based environmental education programs can help urban youth build a connection to nature and foster pro-environmental behavior. Engaging students in out-of-school time science programs and community science projects may also help spark an interest in further STEM study and STEM careers. With this in mind, many of our programs include eco-focused games, environmental service-learning activities and established citizen science projects along the Hoboken waterfront.